Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is appointed by the State Government to oversee the management of Boort District Health as a Public Health Service under the Health Services Act 1988.

The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer to manage the health service. The board meets eleven times each year to receive the clinical governance, safety and quality and financial reports and to monitor the performance of Boort District Health.
The board has other responsibilities including:
  • Overall business performance – ensuring Boort District Health develops and implements strategies and supporting policies to enable it to operate profitably and meet community expectations;
  • Overall compliance performance – ensuring Boort District Health complies with its legal, regulatory and policy obligations for example complying with aged care standards.
Our board also operates through committees who assist the board to discharge its responsibilities for:
  • Clinical governance
  • The integrity of our financial reporting;
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, internal audits, policies and expectations of key stakeholders;
  • The effectiveness of our internal controls and risk management framework,
  • Our objectives, purpose, standards and policies on key issues
  • An effective governance structure and an appropriate corporate culture.
For more information please see our statement on corporate governance

Board Members

Wendy Gladman (Board Chair): Board Committee Membership: Board Excellence in Governance (chair)

Tamara Boyd: Board Committee Membership:  Finance, Risk & Audit Committee;  Safety, Quality & Clinical Governance Committee

Elizabeth Trevanion: Board Committee Membership: Safety, Quality and Clinical Governance (chair), Board Excellence in Governance

Laurie Maxted:  Board Committee Membership: Community Advisory Committee (chair); Board Excellence in Governance 

Daniel Snyder: Board Committee Membership: Safety, Quality and Clinical Governance

Brett Yates:Board Committee Membership: Finance, Risk & Audit Committee (chair)

Amy Fay: Board Committee Membership:

Renee Harrison: Board Committee Membership: Safety, Quality and Clinical Governance

John White: Board Committee Membership:  Board Excellence in Governance, Community Advisory Committee

Jerri Nelson: Board Committee Membership:

Gregory Currie: Board Committee Membership: Finance, Risk & Audit Committee