Our Vision

To enrich the health and wellbeing of the community 

Our Role

To deliver quality, flexible and responsive health and care services to the community.

Our Values

Services are client focused

  • Be an advocate for our clients/residents/patients,
  • All information relating to persons and the organisation will be treated as confidential.

Through impartiality, the rights and choices of people are respected

  • All decisions will be made objectively considering all relevant and known facts.
  • All people will be treated equally and fairly, recognising individual abilities.

Accountability is demonstrated through our actions

  • Carry out work practices in a responsible and ethical manner,
  • Actively support and communicate with members of the team; share knowledge and achievements,
  • Actively encourage a workplace free from bullying, harassment and discrimination,
  • Promote a culture of learning; encourage and implement innovation within the workplace.

Care and services are delivered in a manner which demonstrates integrity

  • Maintain a sense of humour, warmth and tolerance in our dealings with all people,
  • Perform work in a courteous, efficient and professional manner,
  • Respect, support and value work colleagues,
  • Recognise and support other people’s differences.