Why Work in Boort?

The town of Boort was established around the banks of Little Lake Boort in the early 1840’s. Boort is the Aboriginal name meaning, “smoke from the hill”; however the town in recent times has become known as the “Northern Oasis” being surrounded by some of the healthiest wetlands in Northern Victoria.

Boort is situated within the Shire of Loddon, Victoria and is approximately 100 kilometres north of Bendigo and 270 kilometres North West of Melbourne.

Today the local community of Boort boasts a population of about 1,000 people and services a wider base of 2,300 people from the surrounding districts.

The local economy is very much agricultural based and until recently it had long been steeped in the fine traditions of grains sheep, wool and beef cattle. The Boort agricultural base has shifted to olives, grapes, tomatoes and is continually diversifying to other crops.

For more information:

Loddon Shire Council http://www.loddon.vic.gov.au/
Boort District School http://www.boortds.vic.edu.au/
Boort Tourism http://boort.com.au/

Six (and more) reasons to visit Boort

Source: Richard Cornish, The Saturday Age September 21, 2013

1. It’s Showtime!

In October every year, local people celebrate the Boort Show. In 2014, Boort celebrated its 128th annual show. The agricultural show, with information sessions such as “How to Prepare Your Chooks”, the Victorian Yard Dog Association state championships and a scone back off draw visitors from across Victoria. There is a wide range of exhibits both ultra-modern farm machinery and antique, sculpture competition, shearing competition to horse events and cookery, plants, photography, crop and vegetable exhibits. The show continues after dark with spit roasts, band and fireworks.

More details: www.boort.com.au

2. Piccoli's Spanner Sculptures

Displayed in John and Sonia Piccoli's country garden are over 25 unique life size and larger than life sculptures, including an iconic shearer, a family of deer, a pair of fighting stallions, a Mallee bull, intricate garden seats and many more.  John makes the sculptures by welding together antiques through to modern day spanners.  The tallest sculpture, "The Marlin", is over 7m tall, weighs 1200 kgs and is made from 3500 spanners.

Please note: Piccoli's spanner sculptures are closed during July

Star Spanner Garden Tours

Private Garden Tours

By Appointmnet Only
Contact: John and Sonya Piccoli

1314 Quambatook Road,  Boort

Phone 54554257

3. Pickled green tomatoes, olives

Boort has a diverse range of local produce. As an example, producers welcome visitors at Simply Tomatoes and Aussie Wool Quilts and Salute Oliva. It is interesting to talk to the producers about their products and sampling is always good fun.

Contact: Simply Tomatoes and Aussie Quilts 5455 4237 and Saluté Oliva 5455 2652

4. Living memory

The museum in the former courthouse contains some important photographs of the local heritage including the local Aborigines and a great collection of artefacts of the early farming days in Boort.

Contact: 5455 2255

5. Rich Aboriginal History

Lake Boort has an extensive collection of scarred trees. The site of the lake is where aboriginal people cut away pieces from the trees to make canoes. There are hundreds of trees in the area left by the Dja Dja Wurrung people, plus trees with toe holds where men climbed for possums and to collect eggs. It is hard to imagine that all this history is in the centre of Boort.

Contact: rvella@loddon.vic.gov.au

6. Water Sports

During the Summer Months, Lake Little Boat becomes a hive of activity as boating enthusiasts take to the water. Many people enjoy water skiing or trying out the shalom course.

The lake attracts many people who enjoy a picnic or a walk to see the birdlife and other attactions.

Contact www.boort.com.au