Community and Consumer Participation

At Boort District Health we value and welcome input from patients, residents, families and carers, to ensure that our services are based on user needs and to ensure that we are constantly improving the quality of our services to meet those needs. Healthy and interactive communities take care of each other.

We seek to involve people from all backgrounds, ages and life experiences and we invite everyone to consider providing input so that we can work together to provide the most appropriate care and access to services. People who are living in a healthy community are informed and actively involved in their own care. They value the idea of being healthy, they know the options that are available to them and they access the services they need to stay healthy as long as they can.

Patients, residents and their carers and family members, are encouraged to be involved in decisions about their treatment and care at Boort District Health. Our staff will provide the necessary information to help make decisions and will ensure that everyone is aware of their rights, including how they can provide feedback, compliments and complaints.

community participation photo

BDH Activities Room Outside Garden

At Boort District Health we are committed to community participation and community members are involved in a variety of ways such as:

  • Responding to patient satisfaction surveys,
  • Providing feedback about patient information,
  • Involvement in focus groups, interviews and workshops,
  • Involvement on committees and working groups.

Boort District Health has a Community Advisory Committee made up of community members who bring their own diverse experience and knowledge, and who share a common interest in the provision of health care. The Community Advisory Committee advises the Board and Chief Executive on priority areas and issues requiring community participation, and on matters of community interest or concern. Join us in becoming a healthy community.