Admittance information for Patients

A high standard of accommodation is provided with single rooms and ensuites. These are allocated in accordance with medical need for public and private patients.

On arrival you will be given a copy of our patient information handbook which will help to make your stay at Boort District Health as stress free as possible. If you have any further questions our highly trained staff will be only too happy to assist you.  


Boort District Health is a non-smoking facility.


Mail addressed to you at Boort District Health will be delivered daily.


If newspapers or magazines are required these can be ordered from the newsagent and delivered to you. You are responsible for the cost of each article.

Nurse Call System

Beside your bed is a nurse call “buzzer”. Please ring once if you require assistance.


It is strongly recommended that you do not bring valuables to Boort District Health. If you do have valuables, we recommend that they be stored in the safe for the duration of your stay. The Health Service cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of property kept in your possession.

Clothing and Laundry

Patients are responsible for bringing night attire, personal items and toiletries. It is suggested that a set of street clothes be kept for late in your convalescence, when you may wish to get dressed. Laundry is also the responsibility of the patient.


A chaplain is available to provide ecumenical support.

Children in Hospital

Hospital can be particularly stressful to young children. As a result we welcome the presence of parents and family at all times. If possible we encourage the parent/s of any young children to stay overnight with them. Accommodation and meals during this time are provided free of charge. A few toys or games may also relax your child as well as familiar pyjamas.

Safety Policy

Boort District Health has formulated policies and protocols for all emergencies. In the unlikely event of an emergency we request that you stay calm and follow staff instructions at all times.

Compliments and Complaints

Boort District Health aims to provide quality care to all patients. If you have any concerns regarding care matters, please feel free to discuss them with the Director of Clinical Services. You’re concerns are important to us and it helps us to improve.

Our staff also welcome compliments. It is great to hear when patients are happy with the services they have received.