Compliments and Complaints

Making Comments at Boort District Health

As a resident in our aged care facilities or a patient in our acute facility you or your family may have some concerns about the Ageing in Place facility or the Acute area you would like addressed. Some concerns may be able to be rectified by the staff on duty, but if this is not possible the opportunity is provided in each area to complete a compliements and complaints form. Alternatively you may wish to write directly to the Director of Clinical Services.

You will be able to express any concerns or complaints that you have about your experience without fear of being disadvantaged.

Boort District Health is committed to responding to all complaints and lessons learned from complaint resolution are used to improve Boort District Health services.

Details to make contact:
Hours: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm – Monday to Friday
Phone: (03) 54515200
Fax: (03) 54552502

Health Services Commissioner

The Health Services Commissioner is independent and facilitates the resolution of complaints by consumers.

You may choose to involve the Health Services Commissioner if you feel that Boort District Health has not resolved the issues that you have raised to your satisfaction.

You can contact the Commissioner at:
Health Services Commission 30th Floor
570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Toll free: 1800 136 066