Gender Equality

Boort District Health is building on a foundation of strong community engagement that will support its implementation of the Gender Equality Act. This community focus is outlined in the Strategic Plan 2019-20221 highlighting a partnerships and collaborations approach which will assist with the legislated requirements of community engagement. The strategic direction of access and equity and inclusivity, including gender and culture, will provide a strong framework for ongoing work aligned to the Gender Equality Act 2020 obligations.

The organisation is a member of the Collective Action for Respect and Equality (CARE) partnership which aligns work towards gender equality and primary prevention of violence against women across the Loddon Mallee. The CARE partnership may provide access to localised training/workshops and other supports for the team at Boort District Health to implement key elements of the Gender Equality Action Plan. The team’s engagement with the 16 Days of Activism illustrate commitment to gender equality and an emerging understanding of the benefits of gender equality as a critical mechanism for the primary prevention of family violence. The development of the Healing Garden also illustrates Boort District Health’s ongoing respect and engagement with First Nations culture and to increase the organisations cultural responsiveness.

Boort District Health - Gender Equailty Action Plan 2021-2025 - Gender Equality Act 2020