Pet Policy

A pet can be beneficial to the well-being of residents and patients. The response of residents and patients who miss their pets is recognised and family or carers are encouraged to visit with pets.

The loss of a relationship with a pet may cause added distress especially to aged care residents when they make their home at Boort District Health.

Boort District Health has a visiting pets program and we understand the importance of animals in people’s lives.

Pets are important in the following ways:

  • Therapy – memories of past pets and the unconditional responses to feelings that this brings,
  • A way of achieving a home like environment in our aged care facility,
  • Forms part of group activities where pets visit on a regular basis and residents can pet and play with animals.

If you are planning to bring a pet on a visit to Boort District Health please contact the Nurse Unit Manager for advice about how to proceed.