Exercise Program

Every Wednesday and Friday mornings older members of the community meet together to undertake physical activity or participate in strength building exercises under the supervision of our Allied Health Assistant.

Exercise and physical activity are great ways to have fun, be with friends and family. But regular exercise and physical activity can also have a direct impact on the everyday life of older people. The benefits exercise can provide help people to stay strong and fit enough to perform daily activities, get around, and maintain independence. There are many benefits of physical activity including increased fitness, management of weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent and control diabetes, improve energy levels and over all enjoyment in life. Physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease. Heart disease affects both men and women.

The aim of the exercise program is to encourage and support people to build exercise into their everyday life. The program concentrates on assisting older people who are inactive to build an exercise routine that focuses on four areas that are important for staying healthy and independent: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.  Research suggests that people can maintain or at least partially restore these four areas through exercise and physical activity and that doing so improves fitness.

We asked the participants why they came to the exercise classes and the results they experienced. Here are some of their comments:

"Company and friendship"
"Enjoy the cuppa and a chat"
"Exercise gives great results"
"Age is not barrier" (from a 96 year old)
"Helps with the pain"
"(I) feel it when I miss a session"
"Decreases stiffness and increases mobility"

For further information or self-referral about our Exercise Program please contact Boort District Health on 54515200

Participants of Exercise Program

Participants of Exercise Program