Hospital Chaplain

Caring for the whole person is an integral aspect of our care services and we acknowledge spiritual diversity. Reverend Stephen Field a local ordained minister provides ecumenical support to aged care residents, patients and their families or carers.

In 2014, Boort District Health nominated the combined Church groups of Boort for the Health Ministers Award. The Boort Church groups at a ceremony in Melbourne on 14 May 2014 were acknowledged by the Minister for Health for their contributions. The nomination acknowledged that every week commencing in February each year and concluding with Christmas services in December the church groups of Boort work as a team to provide services for residents of the Hostel and Nursing Home.

The weekly services have been an ongoing service provided by the combined churches for at least 15 years. The Church groups consist of the Baptist Church, Uniting Church, Anglican Church, Church of Christ and the Catholic Church.

The Pastoral Care program includes spiritual, emotional and ecumenical care for the community. Boort has only one ordained Minister therefore the Pastoral Care program recognises that all people will have affiliations or connections with other spiritual entities.

Chaplain Baptist Reverend, Mr Stephen Field leading the service assisted by a volunteer, Mr Wes James.