Gifts Benefits and Hospitality

The Boort community trusts that the employees of BDH will perform their duties impartially. They can only do this if their personal interests don’t conflict with their public duty.

Accepting gifts can give the impression that an employee will favour a particular person or organisation when making decisions or taking action. This may not be the intention of either the employee or the donor but impressions are important. Impressions are also important when the public sector provides hospitality.

All BDH employees should strike a balance between the responsible use of public resources and the benefits that may be delivered to their organisation and, ultimately to the community that they serve. It is also necessary to guard against any perception that hospitality is being used to solicit benefits or encourage other forms of unethical or dishonest behaviour.

  • Clients or relatives may wish to express their thanks for care provided. Should this occur, donations to BDH are welcomed, and donors should be directed to the office where an official receipt will be issued.
  • Employees are not able accept gifts of money. In refusing to accept a monetary gift the employee should inform the party of the gifts benefits and hospitality policy
  • Employees are not able to accept jewelry or items appearing to have intrinsic or sentimental value.
  • Small token gifts such as sweets, biscuits and flowers or other inexpensive items are allowed to be exchanged between clients and staff for particular occasions e.g. birthdays or festive occasions such as Christmas and Easter. These gifts must not be linked to any care needs normally provided, and must not be exchanged on a regular basis.

Gift/Benefit/Hospitality Policy

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