Fees & Charges

Boort District Health operates under the guidance of the Department of Health. 

All Fees and Charges invoiced by Boort District Health are set in accordance to the Victorian Government Fees and Charges for Acute Service in Victoria Schedule. 

Schedule of Fees for Medicare Ineligible Patients

Urgent Care Centre

Urgent Care Presentation

$ 551 per visit

Hospital Wards (Medical, Surgical)

Same Day - Shared

$262 per day

Same Day - Single

$375 per day

Overnight – Shared

$728 per night

Overnight - Single

$845 per night

The above charges are for accommodation only and do not include the costs for diagnostics (pathology and radiology), medical fees, theatre, prosthesis, aids and equipment or pharmaceutical services.

All rates are current as at 1 July 2022 and are subject to change without notice.

More information on Fees & Charges can be viewed at HealthVic and http://bdh.vic.gov.au/myuploads/file/medicare-ineligible-patient-policy-2022.docx